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Yeah, yeah, don't try to hide it. I can hear you smiling out loud. I know I'm not much of a movie actor, and I don't think that I will (I should say: I am pretty sure that I won't) ever reach the status of my favourite actor Humphrey Bogart. Why? Well, I guess because I don't smoke, at least: that's the only reason I can imagine at this moment.

All this hasn't kept me away from the talkies, and I have sofar participated in a couple of movies, and TV-series: as an extra, but without whom nevertheless the result would not have been the same.

If you would ever dare venture into a confrontation with my screen-presence, I can suggest you the following productions I have been in:

«Walhalla» (by Eddy Terstall, 1995), as an anti-fascist protester;

«Gemengde berichten» (by Paul Ruven, 1995), as a mover;

Oscar-winning «Karakter» (by Mike van Diem, 1997), as a sunbather on the beach;

«Blindganger» (by Mark Timmer, 1998), as a fisherman;

«Het doel te ontmoeten» (by Jean-Pierre Sens, 1998), as a runner;

«Unit 13» (Dutch TV-series, 1998) as a by-stander;

«Nederland op z'n kop» (Dutch promotional short for 2000 Hannover World Expo, 1999) as a cyclist.

The picture above was taken in a break during the shooting of «Het doel te ontmoeten». You see me with a co-actor in the car used in the world-famous (at least in the Netherlands) box-office hit «Flodder» by Dick Maas. Below I have added a still from the actual «Het doel te ontmoeten» with the entire cast in the First Floor studios at Almere.

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