After having been working on my «Sounds off the Wireless» section for some time, it now seems there may be a need for a section of a more visual nature, showing QSL-cards, pennants and other stuff from Radio Stations from past and present. Mind you, I have not been very much of a collector, and most of what I collected got mislaid some time around 1985 (probably you can substitute "mislaid" by "lost", but that still has not been conclusively proven).

I only have found back very few QSL's from the many dozens I used to have and a couple of pennants. These will in due course find their way into this section.

If anyone would have souvenirs that he/she would like to share with the world, please do feel free to send them to me for inclusion (preferably as JPG-files, or maybe GIF). If you do, please do not forget to indicate if you want to be mentioned (with any Email address and/or URL of yours).

Radio Andorra: QSL-card
Radio Atlanta: QSL-letter
Radio Caroline from m/v Caroline: QSL-card
Radio Caroline South: Johnnie Walker and my "Kiss-in-the-Car Licence"
Radio England/Britain Radio: QSL-card
Radio Essex: QSL-card

Radio London  from M/V Galaxy: QSL-card and picture
Radio Mi Amigo: postcard

Radio New York Worldwide (WNYW): pennant and button
Radio Nacional de España: pennant and postcard
Radio Nordsee International (RNI):
Radio Veronica: QSL-card and postcard

Mind you, this is just a beginning. I hope that with a little help from all of you this site will grow out to something very interesting.

Meanwhile, if you want to send me your comments, or any souvenirs, just hit the bottle and tell me:

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