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Without further ado, allow me to sort of introduce the various parts of my web-presence. By the way, don't expect anything very special here, but you may find something useful or interesting. It would make my site not entirely senseless and I don't really ask for more...

E-books in HTML (literary and political texts);
My translation Agency: Vertaalbureau Cisquet;
Music-related: The Record Collector's Guide;
Song titles, selected by subject: Going Places, Name Songs and Songs for Sad Lovers;
Radio-related: Sounds off the Wireless, recordings (in RealAudio) from all sorts of radio stations (broadcasters, spy stations -the so-called "Numbers Stations"-, utility stations, "free" radio stations) and other radio-related subjects of interest for DX-ers and SWL's
My NDB-page, dedicated to Non-Directional Beacons (with MP3-recordings of many beacons);
My favourite links;
Whoever is Frank?
Update Dates;

If you want to drop me a line, you can send me an e-mail, or an ICQ message: my UIN is 2231692. You can also message me through my ICQ Communications Center. You do not need ICQ yourself to be able to use this service.
If you don't have ICQ, you can download it here:

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