This section of my site is dedicated to many interesting aspects of Radio, and I am not referring to radio as a means to provide your living room with an acoustic wallpaper, but as a means to learn more about other cultures, as a way of expanding your knowledge of the propagation of radiosignals of all kinds, which can be quite an adventure. In these pages I have limited myself to transmissions on the lower frequency bands (below 30 MHz).

Part of this section is dedicated to Non Directional Beacons, among fans known as NDB's.

Another part contains hundreds of recordings of airchecks, identifications etc from all kinds of radio-stations, in RealAudio format. The audio quality often is not very good, but taken into account the distances involved that cannot be avoided. To be able to listen to the sound clippings on this page, you need a RealAudio player (v. 3.0 or higher), or better still the RealPlayer. You may find these sometimes on cover-CDs of some computing or Internet-magazines, but you can also download one free of charge from Progressive Networks:
Next to broadcasting stations sections have been added for so-called number stations, free radio stations and utility stations. I have only recorded parts of transmissions that do not infringe on anyone's privacy, since utility stations do not transmit for the general public (and in some countries it is even illegal to listen to them - not so in the Netherlands, fortunately). If I can find the time I may also be adding recordings of NDB-stations, but at this moment I am having some sort of problem finding space to add more recordings - this is the main reason that no new recordings have been uploaded for the past months..

Some time ago I was been offered humongeous lots of recordings (some of them historical and quite rare) from various people. Ignacio Sotomayor sent me some 100 identifications of Spanish Medium Wave stations. I put these together in «Ignacio's Bonus Page», which can be accessed through my "Europe"-page.
I have also received hours and hours of recordings from Aart Rouw in Germany (
most of which I still have been unable to analise). Since these are from all over the world, I have put them on the various pages, and to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves for his wonderful job, I have put a special animated GIF (with his initials) next to his loggings: AR-anim.gif (2676 bytes)



In an effort to make my site more complete and more interesting I have also added a new section, called «Radio Souvenirs». This section is to include pictures, QSL-cards, pennants and other material received from radio stations. The same problem (the limited availability of time, one of the scarcest commodities in my life) unfortunately also applies here.

Well eh, just enjoy... I hope! And if you feel like it, visit my guestbook and add a few lines...

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